Custom Liquidity Protocol
Cutting-edge features enabling high degrees of flexibility.
Liquidity AMM
Liquidity infrastructure without clAMM complexity.
Dynamic AMM
dAMM to support both volatile and stable pairs.
Tailored Launchpad
A custom-built launchpad for several token sale strategies.
Staked Position NFT
Capital-efficient exposure via liquidity position NFTs.
Olympic Circle
Protocols joining Hercules' Olympic Circle will form the foundation for a long-term relationship, closely aligning our shared vision of building and expanding the Metis ecosystem.
Two tokens, TORCH and xTORCH, enable Hercules' sustainable tokenomics while capturing real yield.
Hercules is a community-first, capital efficient and flexible DEX developed with multiple tools to support the next generation of builders who look for sustainable liquidity in the Metis network.
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