The Latest in DEX Technology
Concentrated Passive Liquidity Management
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Choose Strategy
LP and select a wide or narrow strategy to manage risk against market conditions
Dynamic Fees
Perfect for DeFi users facing market volatility while optimizing trades.
Earn Real Yield
Extend your rewards even further with our Plugins such as boosters, dividends, and access to new launches.
Deep Liquidity
Designed from the ground up to host sticky Protocol Owned Liquidity
Built for Traders
Dual Liquidity Types: Accommodates volatile and stable asset pairs, broadening market appeal.
Adaptive Swap Fees: Features dynamic fees based on market direction, optimizing trades.
Limit Orders: Enhances trading strategies with precise entry and exit points.
For Protocols & Builders
Additional Revenue Stream: Pools with contributed Protocol owned Liquidity earn a share of the DEX revenue.
Incentivize Your Community: Reward users with shared emissions from Olympic Circle pools.
Launch Your Own: Full IDO support for new and old projects looking for growth and adoption.
For Liquidity Providers
Simplified Concentrated Liquidity: Reduces the complexity for users, enhancing their trading experience.
Burn Mechanism: Incorporates a native token burn to sustain value over time.
Referral Rewards: Implements a whitelisted system for sharing swap fees, encouraging growth.
Dual-token Design
Dual Token: TORCH and xTORCH, enable Hercules' sustainable tokenomics while offering real yield.
Hercules is a community-first, capital efficient and flexible DEX developed with multiple tools to support the next generation of builders who look for sustainable liquidity in the Metis network.
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